F1 in the streets of London – Race Week


The streets of London echoed to the sounds of F1 this weekend as the capital’s roads were closed for an amazing street demonstration.


After years of speculation about a potential F1 street race, the financial heart of London was closed down prior to the British Grand Prix to host a demonstration event to showcase the spectacle of F1 in the British capital.


Lotus F1 Team Test and Development Driver Marco Sørensen drove his car, which is capable of speeds of over 190mph, through the roads of the Canary Wharf development to mark the start of the build-up to this year’s Race Week Festival in London, during the British Grand Prix. Race Week is a celebration of F1 cars and all things fast, in central London on Thursday 3rd July at the Honourable Artillery Company, giving F1 fans to get up close with live F1 cars.


The event has been organised by Race Week in partnership with EMC.


Jonny Dodge, organiser of Race Week, said: “Today we created a Monaco-style street circuit in London to prove it could be done, we hope that we can bring the Grand Prix to London in future years.”


Lotus F1 Team Test and Development Driver Marco Sørensen said: “This has been such an amazing opportunity to drive around the streets of Canary Wharf. Of course, it would be incredible if there was a Grand Prix in London. It’s always special to drive a Formula 1 car and I appreciate the opportunity to do this at such an exclusive location, so thank you to Race Week and EMC.”


Murray Irvine, CFO UK&I for Lotus F1 Team sponsor EMC said: “London is surrounded by innovation, with many of the F1 teams located nearby it would be great to give something back to the capital and host a race here. It would be a huge boost for the city in terms of tourism and jobs and would give a real feel good factor to the city, just like the 2012 Olympics did.”


He added: “A London street circuit would give fans a real opportunity to see, hear and smell the cars up close. It would be fantastic to host a race like Monaco. England is the home of motor sport and a street circuit in London would be an amazing and challenging race for the drivers. This would be something that F1 fans would relish.”


The Canary Wharf Group granted permission for Lotus F1 Team to drive their car around the streets for the whole morning and several thousand fans turned up to see the spectacle.


A spokesman for Canary Wharf Group said: “This is what a potential London Grand Prix may look like”


For more information on Lap of London please call

Sean O’Brien 07771 892 952



Editors Notes on Race Week 3rd July

“Race Week” is a festival of F1 cars and all things fast which will take place at Royal Artillery Gardens on City Road in Central London on 3rd July 2014.


Race Week is an exciting new addition to the motorsport calendar, taking place at the Royal Artillery Gardens – a six acre open site in central London – on Thursday 3rd July 2014, during the day and evening. Race Week takes place during the British Grand Prix at the start of July 2014.


This unique celebration of all things F1 will include:

F1 cars performing high adrenaline stunts for the attending crowds including donuts and burn outs.


Historic F1 cars including some of the world’s rarest racing cars.


The driver’s cricket match echoing the one played in the 1970s with James Hunt and Niki Lauda. This will include Tom Hunt and the sons of other famous racing drivers.


Grand Prix Ball, the annual black tie spectacular attended by the stars of F1 – all in support of The Prince’s Trust.


Black Ball Race Forum – an F1 business forum (in partnership with Sports Pro).


The Race Week festival is on Thursday 3rd July 2014 and tickets are £40, purchased at: http://www.raceweeklondon.com


For tickets to the Grand Prix Ball on Thursday 3rd July visit: http://www.gpball.co.uk

Follow Race Week London 2014 on twitter at @raceweeklondon


Jonny Dodge, CEO of Race Week comments:

“We’re really looking forward to the Race Week festival in London. The UK is often called the spiritual home of F1 and so it’s about time an event took place where race fans and committed petrol heads can come together and enjoy some of the glamour, excitement and sophistication of F1. And, of course, we are delighted to be supporting the Prince’s Trust as part of the Grand Prix Ball.”

Michael Schumacher memorabilia to fetch thousands at auction

Memorabilia signed by stricken Formula One legend Michael Schumacher is expected to raise thousands of pounds for the Prince’s Trust in online auctions starting today. www.GPBallAuction.com

Signed Michael Schumacher goodies are among lots at a charity auction in support of the Prince’s Trust (Picture: EPA)

Signed Michael Schumacher goodies are among lots at a charity auction in support of the Prince’s Trust (Picture: EPA)

A paddock pass autographed by the seven-time world champion is among items up for grabs, with the auctions taking place over each race weekend in the lead up to the British Grand Prix.

Other lots include a signed photo of James Hunt and Niki Lauda, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton rarities, and a bottle of 30-year-old whiskey signed by Paul Di Resta and Nico Hulkenberg.

The auctions are being held by the organisers of this summer’s Grand Prix Ball, which takes place days before the Silverstone race, and is part of a number of Formula One events supporting the trust.

In addition to donating a share of the profits from the gala ball, disadvantaged youngsters will also get the chance to work alongside and learn from some of most talented people involved in the sport.

You can bid for items, including the signed Schumacher pass, by visiting www.GPBallAuction.com

Why we may never know what happened to Malaysian Airlines Crash – MH370

Having followed the story of Malaysian Airlines MH370 since it happened, its saddening to hear from the Malaysian Prime Minster that its proven beyond reasonable doubt that flight MH370 did go down where the search operation is currently in progress. With the satellite data being used to track the plane from its electronic signals it seems it was lost in the India Ocean. My passion for aviation and its safety means this is something close to my heart and my thoughts are with the families at this time.

What is more concerning for the families is its likely we’ll never know what happened, even once the flight data recorders and cockpit voice recorders are found, the data recorder will tell us much of what we already know above how and where it flew too.. to end up in the Indian Ocean suggests that the plane flew on autopilot with no one to change its course which is very strange, and only crashed when it ran out of fuel is the likely cause.

The Helios Ghost plane is an interesting example to study which is where every single person on the plane was unconscious as is the oxygen seeped out of the plane it flew for hours on autopilot and crash into a mountain, prior to this fighter jets had been sent up to check the situation after no response from the plane, however the data seems to show that the aircraft flew below the high that would require oxygen so this could dismiss this theory but does seem very likely still.

The pilots didn’t request to fly together everything seems relatively normal there.. so it really does seem that some bizarre technical fault caused this and no one of the plane could intervene. What we are then left with is the Cockpit Voice Recorder, now there is an issue with this, as every flight crash to date has only required the last few minutes of the cockpit voice recordings to make sense of what happened. However the cockpit voice record re-records over itself, and this is likely to have been a maximum of every 2 hours, so if they plane did fly on with no one controlling the plane for the last few hours the flight reorder will not shed light on what happened..

I do wish for all the families we some how find out soon, with experts around the world working on this my thoughts go out to everyone involved.


Ministers to clear the track for first London Grand Prix

Funny this story comes out a week after I was in Boris’s office.. The unlikely prospect of a grand prix through the streets of London could become a little more real thanks to an overhaul of road safety and speed limit laws in the city.

The Times reported that “a consultation that will make it easier to hold races on public roads will be launched within days”. This was first raised in 2011 but political wrangling has blocked progress until now.

The change is primarily aimed at easing the difficulties faced by events such as rallying and cycling, but Formula One could benefit as well.

At present, there are numerous obstacles to staging a race as each local authority would have to agree to closing roads and suspending laws relating to speed and safety.


In 2012 Bernie Ecclestone raised the prospect of a London Grand Prix and a provisional circuit was discussed. “It’s no joke, 100% completely no joke,” he said. “With the way things are, maybe we would front it and put the money up for it. If we got the OK and everything was fine, I think we could do that.”

Even if the changes are made, the race faces massive opposition from environmental groups, retailers and local people who fear the noise and massive disruption the event would bring to a major commercial and tourism centre in the middle of the summer.

Race Week will feature F1 in cars in London this July http://www.raceweeklondon.com

It’s coming to London!

It’s Coming to London..

During the British Grand Prix the City of London will echo to the sound of F1 car’s as they light up the street’s in demonstration prior to the British Grand Prix

– Secret F1 car demo in the streets
– Largest F1 car concours in history
– Reviving the F1 drivers cricket match last played in 70’s with James Hunt
– A festival of motorsport in the heart of the city on a 6 acre site with live demos
– Supporting the Prince’s Trust by give a share of the profits to charity
– Bringing young people into F1 through apprenticeship schemes

Race Week is an exciting new addition to the motorsport’s calendar, and will be the home of entertainment in London, during the British Grand Prix.
The main events will be held on 3rd July in the heart of the City of London at Royal Artillery Gardens on City Road, the 6 acre site will be the home for F1 cars, drivers and stars a like as they celebrate the glamour of motorsport.
As part of the action, there will be a display of some of the World’s rarest F1 cars through history, from Ayrton Senna’s 1984 Toleman to Michael Schumacher’s 1992 Benetton that he won his first Grand Prix in, forming part of the largest Grand Prix Concours ever assembled.
This festival of all things fast will give guests the chance to test their skills by trying out the F1 simulators use by the teams and times set by F1 drivers. As well as luxury shopping villages, and memorabilia, F1 driver autograph session and Q&A that will take place throughout the day.

press release 1

The star attraction will of course be the live running F1 cars, where Londoner’s will get the chance to get up close and personal with F1 cars like never before, see them being prep’d in the ‘paddock’ before their demonstration to the crowd with the chance to see the cars doing burn-outs and donuts just inches from their feet
The event will also be reviving a historic cricket match played in the 70’s by legendary F1 drivers such as James Hunt, and Niki Lauder. With may of these famous drivers son’s and modern day F1 drivers taking part.

press release 2

As part of the Race Week, it will also be hosting the famous Grand Prix Ball, the gala dinner prior to the race, the red carpet will host the stars of F1 for a black tie spectacular, all in support of the Prince’s Trust. Expect the glamorous black tie affair to kick off with a bang! The signature live F1 demonstration will take the crowds breath away, and kick off the evening proceedings. They will then be wined, dined and entertained in stunning surroundings in the heart of London. Mix with the star-studded celebrity guest list for a champagne reception, three-course dinner, mingle amongst the stunning display of F1 cars and be entertained with live acts by top artists and DJs as we prepare for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

press release 3

The ball this year will be held in support of the Prince’s Trust, a youth charity founded by the Prince of Wales, that helps change young lives. As well as donating a share of the profits of the evening to charity, through the coming month young people will be give the chance to learn and get involved with the F1 industry which is at the pinnacle of engineering in the UK.
Race Week will see a series of other live events throughout the week, such as a business forum on the sport in partnership with Sports Pro, and a driver’s party following the race! So don’t miss the action!
Jonny Dodge, organiser of Race Week: “We’re really looking forward to bringing the Race Week festival to London; and to see F1 cars in the street’s is sure to create some excitement! Plus our partnership with the Prince’s trust also means we can help bring young people into the sport as well”

press release 4

General Admission tickets in the day from £40
Hospitality tables from £1,400 +vat

Grand Prix Ball tables from £3,600+vat


High-resolution images for press:

press release 5


The Story behind the Proposal: Video


The guy who loves me: Man woos girlfriend with Bond-style proposal

James Bond loves the ladies almost as much as Martinis.

But the prospect of settling down with one is enough to leave him shaken and very stirred.

The secret agent has played a role in helping another happy couple up the aisle, however, after romantic Jonny Dodge decided to spring a mysterious 007-style proposal on his girlfriend.

The Formula 1 events entrepreneur told Cassandra Harris to ‘bring a bikini and a ballgown’ and sent a chauffeur to bring her from her home to Hampshire’s plush Four Seasons hotel.

Jonny Dodge proposed to girlfriend Cassandra Harris this week. Jonny, a 31-year-old a Formula 1 and aviation events entrepreneur, surprised her by whisking her away to artificial island resort on a helicopter. Waiting on the helipad was Jonny on one knee, having already secured permission from his bride-to-be's father earlier in the day. NO FEE
A Bond of love: Cassandra embraces her suave fiancé 

As she waited there, expecting him to join her, a helicopter flew down to pick her up. The pilot handed her an iPad displaying photos of her life together with Mr Dodge, 31, before landing on No Man’s Fort island, in the Solent.

Waiting on one knee on the helipad was her other half – with natty suit and ring in hand.

Venture capitalist Miss Harris, also 31, said yes. ‘Did James Bond @JonnyDodge just arrive?’ she tweeted soon afterwards.

marriage proposal ideas

Dodgeball Iceland Adventure – Winter Rally with Vmax

Now this year we did a winter rally with a difference! Forget Vernier in supercars! This was for the really adventures, reliving Top Gear and their challenge with Arctic Trucks. Crossing Iceland, in our modified 4x4s, taking on blizzards, mountain tops, volcanos, glaciers and lava flows, was just part of the challenge!


With the bonus of luxury accommodation every night in the wilderness, the rally headed off and straight into deep snow, blizzard conditions with just a few meters Visability. Arriving then for our snowmobile trip at the top of the mountains. With a stop off to see the amazing natural gyers of Iceland, we headed to the Ion hotel spa for some relaxation.

The following day we took on the volcano, first challenge crossing the glacial rivers, then the lava flows, before finally arriving at the volcano. The trucks took us through every challenge, rocky dried ricer beds, through to the deserted black beaches, where we found the crashed DC3 plane abandoned, an amazing site and photo opportunity to add to the bucket list.


The team head by waterfalls, and glaciers as we finally end our trip back in the small city of Reykevik on the west of iceland. After a few days in the wilderness, we rolled into town, and had our finish party that was one not to forget!

So until our next adventure, see you there!

Next up: ice driving in Sweden email ice@gp-management.com
Summer Rally in July


Free Helicopter to Monaco Grand Prix





Join us for this years Monaco Grand Prix onboard our superyacht, as our Christmas present to you! Anyone buying our yacht hospitality for the F1 weekend before Christmas we’ll give you a free helicopter transfer into Monaco! We only have a limited number to give away so please email us on monaco@gp-management.com for more details…

Welcome to the Monaco Grand Prix 2014
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Our Weekend yacht Hospitality package provides you with the ultimate opportunity to experience Monaco glamour in all its magnificent glory..

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We all know that sometimes we just need utter perfection. So with
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VIP Package:
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2 Days full hospitality, and a variety of drinks, champagnes and buffer lunch.
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Return Helicopter Transfer from Nice to Monaco
Hotel Accommodation (based on two sharing) – 4 star
Formula 1 Pit Lane Walk
£6950 per person


The most prestigious position of all, is to be a guest on-board the yacht for the whole weekend. Staying on-board and having your ever needs attended to by the superyachts crew, in 7* luxury. From Thursday through to Monday , you will be in the heart of the action trackside, the yacht as your own for the weekend.

Onboard Package:
Full breakfast, including fresh juices and Champagne
2 Days full hospitality, and a variety of drinks, champagnes and buffer lunch.
Race viewing from the yacht
TV screens on-board
Return Helicopter Transfer from Nice to Monaco
4 nights accommodation onboard

Owners Suite Package: £19,500
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Recruiting – Business Development Manager: Events

We’re looking for a young, dynamic, person to join us in a Business Development role. Requirements strong previous knowledge of the events world, with a proven track record and generating revenue, and experience with commercial partnerships, and ability to manage costs, must be very organised.

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2 Weeks to Abu Dhabi F1

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